First Flight


riding-bikeI have to confess that it really isn’t MY first flight, nor the first I have witnessed for my children. But it was a first for my youngest.  Some time ago he coerced me into letting him ride his bike to the market with friends.  They promised to go straight there and return.  Yes, I stood on the side of the street and watched until they were out of sight.  I know, it was pathetic.

This afternoon, he decided that he was hungry and wanted a candy bar.  He boldly came up to me and asked for an extra dollar (he was unsure of the cost), then asked if he could ride his bike up to the market and fetch it…all by himself.  I said, “Go ask your dad.”  Hey, it gets me out of a lot of decision making!  Inside I was grinning and wondering what dad would say.

When I approached my husband, I asked if he understood what junior was up to.  He grinned and said he did.  Then he asked what I thought.  I thought I had gotten out of it, that’s what I thought!  I agreed, and junior snatched up his extra dollar and dashed out the door.

I waited until he got a block down the road before I jumped in the truck.  It wasn’t that I didn’t think he could do it.  I just wanted to make sure that no one ran over him or stole his bike while he was in the store.  BTW, I drove down a parallel street so he wouldn’t see me, and then I parked far from the door of the market.  He never knew he was being followed.

To cover my tracks, I went to a different store and grabbed some cookies before I went home.  I wanted it to look like I had gotten hungry too!  He never suspected a thing.

As a result of his excursion, my little man now walks about 6″ taller and thinks he is invincible.  I have no doubt that tomorrow will hold some other adventure.  Hopefully it won’t be somewhere I can’t go!


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