Snail Mail with Salt!


Just when my confidence in my favorite music company was beginning to soar, they dropped me on the ground.  The young (by young I mean grade school) group of singers I lead is preparing for a Christmas concert.  I had one piece of music already on hand for them, but wanted a new piece to accompany it.  So I went to my favorite on-line store, found the ideal anthem, ordered it, and waited, and waited, and waited…Three weeks went by and I finally had decided enough was enough.  I called said company and complained about the logistics of my music.  Unfortunately they had sent it USPS and there was no way to track it down.  Yea.  But being the honorable company that they are, they reshipped my order and promised a tracking number.  Again I waited, and waited, and waited…Today (the day of practice) I called them again to inquire politely about the location of my music.  The operator said, “Please hold.” So I held.  Then he came back on and in a cheery voice assured me that my package was in Texas!  That’s great!  Except I don’t live in Texas.  I told my class that the music was in China, I mean what’s the difference?  Hopefully before the new year comes and goes, I will actually place my paws firmly on a copy of my Christmas music.  In the mean time I’m praying that the snail mail will arrive and not meet with the same demise that his cousin the slug did.