Success, so close, yet so far away!  I have dropped a few pounds and inches, but I must say that since Thanksgiving it has been an uphill battle.  The fault is entirely mine.  I love to cook good food.  And I LOVE to eat it.

The holidays are perfect opportunities for these indulgences, especially when the whole family is together.  But that’s no excuse for excess, I know.  And now that the holidays are over (even though Wal-Mart insisted on skipping to Valentine’s Day BEFORE Christmas), I am busily trying to get back to clean eating.

My husband read an article a few weeks ago about New Year’s Resolutions.  It was quite different than the average resolutions that many people make every year.  This article suggested that we not set goals that are either met or not met, but rather that we develop systems, ways of doing things.  For example, if the goal is to lose 10 lbs., then once that is met where do you go next?  Back up the scale only to slide down yet again?  Instead, if we develop a system of clean eating then it becomes a lifestyle change that can continue.

I thought this was a very good idea.  Too many times our goals are unrealistic and unmet. (Mine anyway!) So rather than setting a goal this year, I simply want to eat healthy.  Less would be a plus too.  So out with the pies, pastries and excess sugar and in with the veggies!


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