Beware the Birds!


image     Starlings are quite lovely to look at and talented as well. They have an uncanny ability to mimic sounds around them. Even non bird sounds. However, even with all of their beauty and talent, they do present a problem.

This bird has the tendency to oust other birds from their homes. They are even known to kill the original occupants and destroy their eggs.  They also exhaust food supplies quickly and are aggressive toward others who are trying to eat.

When I was a child, my grandmother’s neighbor had bird houses. This man fought to keep the starlings out of his bird houses and protect the species of bird that he wanted to attract. Part of the solution was to make the entries small enough in the bird houses that a starling couldn’t fit in. This deterred them, and they went elsewhere to nest.
     As we think about rebuilding our bird house, we need to make sure that the entry is narrow enough to keep unwanted birds out, yet wide enough to allow others in. If starlings are allowed in to roost, they quickly multiply and are almost impossible to get rid of. Just like the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.”