5 Dangers of Going Barefoot



5 Dangers of Going Barefoot.

This has got to be one of the most asinine articles that I have seen. The five dangers mentioned aren’t dangers at all if a person watches where he/she steps. But the worst  is stating that plantar fasciitis is a stray virus that can be picked up like the common cold! It seems that it is perfectly acceptable to print anything, and there is absolutely no need to know what one is talking about! The writer and/or sponsor of this article should be ashamed for promoting such false ideas.


Sod Sorrows


I’m quickly realizing how far out of shape I have become over the past few months.  Since I started juicing again, I have been saving the peels and pulp to put in the garden.  So far I have managed two trips out there.  An old farmer told me once that instead of the composte pile idea, he would just take his scraps out, dig a hole at the edge of the garden, and then bury the scraps so that they would rot right in the soil.  I liked this idea because it was a lot easier than managing a composte pile.

I liked it until today!  There is a patch of bermuda grass that is growing along the edge of my garden and I tried shoveling through that today.  Talk about tough.  I think the roots were several feet deep and very dense!  I finally got past them and to the soil, but by then I was exhausted.  I reawakened every muscle in my upper body, and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

My daughter has been exercising every morning…I guess I’m going to have to join her!