Mother of the Bride


Rachel2.jpgMy beautiful daughter got married last June!  It was an exciting, stressful, busy time before, during and after.  I was so thankful for wedding planning guides.  They either didn’t exist when I got married, or I was just completely uninformed.  Probably the latter.  Neither my baby nor I would have survived without a step by step plan to go by.  There were just so many details!

The dresses were the biggest hurdle.  Most dress shops required a one year notice, and we were six months away from the big day.  We did find dresses that could be purchased and shipped within that time frame, but they came with no alterations.  The wedding dress itself was purchased while my daughter lived in another state, so when she came home for the wedding, I received the honor of becoming her tailor.  Originally we had decided that I would make her dress as I had made mine 20+ years ago.  But she fell in love with one that she saw in a shop and promptly purchased it.

The bride’s maid dresses had to be altered when they arrived, so we took them to a nearby seamstress and had them fitted.  All seemed to be going well until we picked them up and did a second fitting.  While they had indeed been altered, they still didn’t fit.  There was no time to return to the seamstress, so I broke out my trusty Viking, and we we_DSC0255.jpgnt to work.

In addition to these alterations, my daughter’s dress had to be hemmed about 6″.  She’s a shorty.  Since she purchased the dress on sale and in a different state, I had the pleasure of this task also.  Without a second thought, the Bernina was in action.  It has a rolled hem foot on it that worked beautifully.  Removing the lace and beads fell to my daughter, then we hemmed, and finally she put the trim back on.  I’m not sure she enjoyed this as much as I did.  She was a bit impatient.  The veil, flowers, corsages and boutonnieres were all made at home as well as the decorations at both the church and reception.  Her colors were teal and copper with peacock feathers.  I both loved and hated Pinterest during this time.  There were many wonderful ideas.  Too many.  And my daughter couldn’t make up her mind.  If she had had her way, there would have been more colors and themes than we could have accommodated.

Her cakes were also homemade. We had many recommendations for bakers, but we both decided that since I didn’t make the dress, I would make the cakes (and all the rest of the food).  I really wanted to do something special for her, and she kindly agreed.  So again, back to Pinterest.  I already had the perfect wedding cake recipe that I had used once before, so we used it and added a pineapple filling between the layers.  For the groom’s cake, we found a chocolate wedding cake with coffee in it.  To this we added raspberry filling.  I’ll admit they weren’t quite professional quality in looks, but they certainly tasted good!

_DSC0463.jpgAll in all, it was an event to remember.  From the first day to the last, the most important part was the memories that I got to make with my one and only favorite daughter.  I will treasure these times together, and I look forward to not only the marriage of my sons, but grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I don’t believe that there is anything more precious or valuable on this earth than family.  I am truly blessed.


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