My daughter is always asking what we are having for dinner on Sundays.  In fact, she barely waits for the final “Amen” before she starts in.  This week was no different.  And as usual, she wanted a certain dish.  Today it was meatloaf.  Ok (sly grin).  I think I can do that.  I jumped on the internet and guess what?  There are many recipes for vegan meatloaf.  Some have gluten and others don’t.  I chose one that was gluten free because I had all of the ingredients!

Back at the ranch, as they say, I started cooking brown rice and lentils.  My daughter came in to nose around, and I just ignored her.  Then I chopped all the veggies and sauteed them.  Daughter got a little more curious and started asking questions.  Finally she caught on, and I had to kick her out.  She came back.

At the third step, mixing all the ingredients together, she started groaning.  “There’s no meat!”  All I said was, “You asked for meatloaf!”  She looked very skeptical, but I convinced her to take a small bite.  I tricked her really.  She’s a salt-aholic, so I casually asked if the loaf had enough salt.  It did, and she didn’t die.

While the loaf was in the oven, I prepared new potatoes and fresh green beans (one of my favorite foods).  Again, I added a little salt, but that was all.  When both were finished, I whipped up a kale and avocado salad with lemon like I did yesterday.  It was so good, I just had to have it again.

Then came the boys… Yesterday son #3 wouldn’t touch the lasagna, #2 didn’t like it, and #1 wasn’t home.  Today #1 found out what I had done and quickly started running his mouth!  I shhhed him (is that a word?) and just told #3 that it was meatloaf.  He never knew the difference.  The other 3 kids ate their portions without grumbling (just a few smart remarks), but at least they ate!  I was very pleased with that.  They may be won over yet.  Of course Sons #1 & #2 threatened to go to McDonald’s afterwards.  I think they were just kidding…?


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