First Quarter Mile


Well I did it!  I barefooted my first 1/4 mile.  And it was interesting.  I’ve been roaming around the house for a month now just getting my feet used to it, and twice I ventured to the mailbox.  Today was a mild day in the 50’s, so I decided to give it a try.

I rode to the church with my daughter, and then she went on to work.  After my business was finished, I started my 3 block pilgrimage for home.  All went well the first 1/2 block.  Then I decided to give my feet a little rest from the pavement.  I cut across the street to walk on the long strip of grass that continued for the next block.

First step was good; second and third questionable.  By the fourth step, I had discovered who treats his lawn and who doesn’t!  This lawn was infested with sand burrs.  My poor feet were coated.  There was nothing to do but sit down on the curb and pull the thorns out.  My only concern was that my bottom would then be covered as well.  It wouldn’t look to good to walk down the street picking at my butt!

Luckily the thorns came out easily and none were in my pants :).  I elected to finish that block back on the pavement.  The next block had a sidewalk part way and then more grass.  Yes, you guessed it.  More sand burrs.  At least this time there was only one, and I looked carefully where I put my feet (like I could see them burried in the dead grass!).

People were riding their horses down the main street and I stopped to watch.  I thought looking interested in them would be less obvious than standing there waiting until all the cars had passed for three blocks either direction.  I really didn’t want to run across the road, but I ended up doing it anyway.  Besides, I didn’t think I looked any wierder being barefoot than being on horseback in the middle of town.

The remaining distance was a smooth parking lot.  I breezed over it and into my cool dirt yard.  There were a few sharp pebbles along the way that reminded me how tender I still am, but it wasn’t bad.


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