Inspection Time!


The house is moving along fine.  We are finished with the structural part of the project and are now working on the walls.  The living room, dining, and den are sheet rocked, and the first coats of mud are on them.  They need to be sanded before the next two coats are added.  In the den, we are rebuilding the mantel.  The old fireplace had a low mantel with a brick surround.  The bricks fell down!

fireplaceWe reset the bricks, but our goal is to build a higher mantel in the arts and crafts theme with a tile surround. That said, the new frame is basically ready, and the hardibacker is waiting.  We also plan to use an old piano front for the frieze.  The piano has carved oak leaves on it in three separate frames.

piano     piano2

The last thing that is in the oven at the moment is the electrical panel.  The service had to be updated, and we have been waiting for months to have it inspected.  Just recently we learned that the new box couldn’t be in a closet.  Well…we no longer have a closet 😉  We now have a little nook for a desk.  Hopefully the inspector will appreciate our creativity!



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