Invisible Shoes!


photoWoo Hoo, I got new shoes!  I wish it was that thrilling.  After spending 30 minutes or more lacing the crazy things, I’m exhausted.  The hardest part was getting the  thick lace through the tiny hole.  But finally success was mine! And then I had to tie them.  I think I watched the video three different times, and then I tied a modified “Pheonix Flower” with the left over lace.  Overall I’m pleased.  I need to adjust a little here and there, but it isn’t bad for the first time.  In the video, Steven Sashen talks about how the knot might be a little strange at first, especially if a person has smaller feet.  For me, it was a little weird, but not obnoxiously so.  I think one of my shoes is a little tight and that makes for more sensory awareness around the knot.  In other words, my toes can’t escape it!  The other foot is fine though.  As I said, I’m pleased and I think the little embellishment on top is cute!


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