It’s PJ Time!


Daniel and I went shopping yesterday and purchased our much anticipated patterns.  Then we spent way too much time trying to find the fabrics that we both loved.  He kept wavering between the ball themes and batman.  Finally, after three trips back and forth across the store, we settled on cars and camo.  When the lady cut the yardage for us, Daniel cringed and said, “She cut the cars!”  At least there were plenty left undamaged.

Overall we ended up with a PJ pattern and three shirt patterns for me plus some wonderful chinese patterned black silk for a jacket (however my daughter saw it and I may lose it 🙂 ! ) Last night I washed my fabric and Daniel kept asking where his PJ’s were.  I tried to explain that I still had to make them.  Then I cut the pattern apart and he wanted to get dressed for bed in his new PJ’s.  Again I told him that I needed to cut out the pieces and sew them together.  I think my head will roll if I don’t get those crazy PJ’s put together by tonight!


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