Of Dreams and Dresses!


My husband thinks it’s strange when I go to a fabric store and purchase material that inevitably sits in a drawer for a few years.  I find it very hard to explain the draw that certain colors and textures have on me.  Some I see as future projects; some are just dreams.  And sometimes those dreams become reality in ways that I never anticipated.  Take for instance the following 2 prom dresses for my daughter.


When my daughter’s junior year rolled to an end, we found ourselves in need of a prom dress.  I wanted to make it for her, and she happily agreed.  We shopped for patterns and fabric, and then I remembered the lovely green that was in my dream drawer!  I pulled it out and asked her what she thought.  Bingo!  This was the fabric.  And so began the creation of prom dress #1.


I know that I am biased, but I thought she was the prettiest girl at the prom with the prettiest dress.  The next year, senior year, we found ourselves in the same dilemma.  Once again, I went to the dream drawer and pulled out the red below.  This I had intended for myself at some point, but I thought it would look better on her as a dress.


I loved all the details on this pattern and the rolled zipper.  It was tricky at first, as I had never sewn one in, but after the second attempt, I was quite pleased with the result. (Simplicity 2253)


Future plans include a wedding dress, but until then, there may be a few more banquets.  I look forward to these events because it provides a special connection with my daughter that I treasure more than anything.


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