Where is the Bride?


I have the honor of making a wedding dress for a friend this month.  The challenge?  There really isn’t a pattern to make the exact dress that she wants, and she wants it in CAMOFLAUGE!  I guess that’s a new trend, but it is definitely one that escaped MY notice.  So here I go to make a camo wedding dress out of mossy oak, poly/spandex mix.  Interesting.  I found some hunter safety orange crepe to dress it up a bit and am hoping the bride goes for it.  I haven’t shown it to her yet 🙂

Well, there’s the pattern we settled on.  It will look like the strapless black dress, but without the tie in the front.  It may have the twist band seen in view “F” if I can convince the bride that a little color will make it really pop!
And here’s the fabric.  I hope it isn’t an outdoor wedding, because we may not be able to find the bride if it is!

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