Opportunity Knocks


Students were given a unique experience today.  Our principal spent the Christmas holidays in South Africa with his daughter and toured from Durban to Cape Town.  Included in the tour was a trip to Robben Island, former home of Nelson Mandela.  When the principal returned to school and shared his experience with the teachers, I was excited.  My classes were studying about Gandhi and Mandela, and I quickly asked the prinicipal if he would be willing to share with my classes.

There are very few times that students get a chance to hear from someone who has experienced something first hand.  Usually all of the material comes from a dry textbook and it is left up to the teacher to enrich it to the best of his/her ability.  Being a school located in No Where Midwest, we do not have a multitude of resouces at our fingertips.  In fact, many who live here have never been more than a few hours from home.

That said, to have someone willing to come and share personal experiences with the class was an honor and a priveledge today.  It brought to life the story of a man who changed the face of South Africa much like Martin Luther King Jr. changed lives here in the United States.


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