The Drawing Board


Two years ago I tried my hand at writing a fiction novel during National November Writing Month (nanowrimo). While I had a good idea, I had a hard time translating it into a work of fiction. That type of creativity just isn’t my cup of tea. As I said, the idea was good (in my opinion) and I may take it and turn it into a non-fiction book instead. That is far down the road though. In the meantime, I have another project, actually 2, that have popped into my mind, and I plan on trying to write them down before my vision and time fade away.

The first book deals with what the Bible says about childrearing. Many books are on the market teaching parents how to discipline and/or raise their children. So many, in fact, that it seems we do everything in our power to ignore what God established long ago. My goal is simple. I want to record God’s plan for bringing up kids and put the scripture back in the hands of parents more as a reminder that the Bible is the best source around.

The second idea I had was to write about submission. Yes, I know, that controversial, disdainful word. But when looked at through the lens of scripture and God’s plan, submission is a beautiful and liberating thing!

Well, those are the ideas I have, Now to see if it all comes to fruition. I’m already feeling a few doubts, but not throwing in the towel yet!


One thought on “The Drawing Board

  1. P.S. The book idea didn’t pan out. I had some good ideas, but they essentially weren’t any longer than a good devotion. I’ll use them as such and keep on blogging!

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