Men are Dogs!


Just as there are Mexican Hairless, Shetland Sheepdogs, Neopolitan Mastiffs and Chihuahuas, there are a variety of men.  And just as there are pet owners, many of these men have already been claimed as well.  I have always taught my children to leave other people’s dogs alone.  Too many times, what appears to be a nice puppy can turn out to be an illtempered pet.  At other times there may be an overprotective owner who simply doesn’t want “precious” messed with by outsiders.  Then of course there are the strays that roam the neighborhood bearing all manner of disease and parasites!

As I said, men are like dogs.  There are those who already have a home and then there are those that prowl the streets in search of tail.  Most men, like dogs, enjoy a good scratch or tummy rub.  The only problem is that sometimes these affections come from people other than the “dog’s owner”.  There may be an awkward moment when the male, still in shock, laughs it off, but deep down, that pat on the butt from the perky blonde sent every hormone into overload.  Once home, the submissive man may try to make a joke of it to his wife or actually feign disgust over the fact that it happened.  Unfortunately, damage has already been done.

There is a word of warning for women here too.  If you don’t want YOUR pooch messed with, keep your paws off of other people’s pets.  I don’t think there is anything worse than a woman who hasn’t learned first, that married men are no longer for sale and second, that once she has a pet all to herself, that’s the ONLY one she is to be adoring.  If men are dogs, women can be cats.  And women beware! I WILL scratch your eyes out if you mess with my rottweiler!


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