When all of the town doubted, I had faith.  When others said, “Leave it alone,” you chose to proceed. You studied, learned, analyzed and believed the impossible.  Then with a mighty blow, you let the hammer down and settled my world back on it’s foundations.  Yes my dear, I’m talking about you.  You are the He-man in my life.  Others look upon your stature and doubt your ability, but you and I both know that strength begins in the mind and heart. 

Others, thought to be much stronger than you, have quailed at lesser tasks, but you have superceeded them all.  You know no limits or boundaries.  When you spoke of moving physical walls and foundations, men scratched their heads and shied away.  Then with a single sledge hammer and a come-along, you did the seemingly impossible.  You moved a house back on its foundation.  You also moved my faith in you.  Not that it ever lacked; you just established it more firmly than ever.

I believe in you and in everything that you attempt.  Nothing is greater than your heart, nor can anything diminish  your devotion to your family.  Thank you for being a real man in a world where men are not respected.  Thank you for taking a stand and standing firm when others cower.  You are my hero and my home.  I love you.


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