Walk Like a Man!


I just saw a video on Facebook of a little guy who’s learning to walk.  It struck me as being funny how hard children work at trying to stand and walk.  Once they achieve those first steps, they prefer that mode of travel to the former every time.  And once they start walking they are not content until they can run and leap.

A few years down the road we find that same child as a teenager.  He has the choice to either keep running or begin the journey back towards a sitting position.  Too many look for the easy way through life.  They prefer the remote and the recliner or they drive to the local store which is 3 blocks down the street.  All in the name of expediency and convenience mind you.  If they aren’t careful, those actions become habitual and soon the pounds follow.

I believe we will all be bedfast soon enough.  Let’s keep the heart of a child and keep striving to walk and then run towards all that life has to offer us.  Laziness is a degenerative disease that has terrible consequences.


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